1:20.3 Isle of Man ‘Pairs’ coaches
R19-26 1
R19-26 2

These models are known as the ‘Pairs’ coaches. They came about when the original four-wheel coach chassis wore out. The railway took a pair of old bodies and mounted them together on new bogie underframes – and this is how they acquired their name.  We are modelling three types, a brake composite F54, a third class coach and a composite coach.

It is possible to have at least six different running numbers for each of the third class and composite coaches. We supply these numbers on a transfer sheet for the customer to apply themselves. The brake composite has only the running number F54. This is also supplied on a transfer sheet. This means that if the customer wishes to run them as ‘data only’ on their customised railway, they can add their own personalised numbering system.

These coaches are manufactured from plastic with die cast bogies and have an additional 32mm wheel set supplied so the customer can change gauges.   


  • Scale: 15mm to 1 foot (1:20.3)

  • Length over couplings: 587mm (23 inches)

  • Width over footboards: 135mm (5 ¼ inches)

  • Height: 139mm (5 ½ inches)

  • Gauge: 32mm or 45mm

  • Min Radius: 900mm (3 feet)