1:19 Lynton & Barnstaple 4 Wheel Van

This is a model of the four wheel van in its final form. It is available in the L&BR Grey livery or the Southern Brown livery. Four different running numbers are available in each livery. A Data Only version, which only carries the weight data, is available in each colour as well as bauxite brown and two private owner liveries. The van comes with a 45mm insulated wheel set fitted but a 32mm wheel set is provided for use on ‘0’ gauge. Couplings are chopper type but have a hook fitted if you wish to remove the chopper hook and use 3 link chains.


  • Scale: 16mm to 1 foot (1:19)

  • Length over couplings: 240mm (9.5 inches)

  • Width: 95mm (3.5 inches)

  • Height: 135mm (5.25 inches)

  • Min Radius: 600mm (2 feet)


  • R19-2A – L & B Goods Van SR Brown, choice of #47036, 47037, 47038, 47039

  • R19-2B – L & B Goods Van SR Brown, Data Only

  • R19-2C – L & B Goods Van L&BR Grey, choice of #3, 4, 6, 7

  • R19-2D – L & B Goods Van L&BR Grey, Data Only

  • R19-2E – L & B Goods Van Bauxite, Data Only (available only from Trackshack)

  • R19-2F – L & B Goods Van ‘Seddones’ (available only from Trackshack)

  • R19-2G – L & B Goods Van ‘Chance & Hunt’ (available only from Trackshack)