7 1/4 Gauge PLANET II


  • 7 1/4 Gauge

  • Metal Construction

  • 10-12 Mini. Radius

  • Length: 33 in. (840 mm)

  • Width: 15.16 in. (385 mm)

  • Height: 27.6 in. (700 mm)


  • Power options: 2 x 350watt electric 24v motorsor 2.5hp honda petrol engine with hydraulic drive

  • Load: 12 adults (electric) 16 adults (petrol)

  • Complete chassis redesign to give you 2 power options!

  • Gauge Convertible from 5" to 7 1/4" Gauge.

  • 700watt battery electric or 2.5hp petrol hydraulic version.

  • Heavier more robust running gear for light commercial work.

  • This is a larger version of our ever popular 5" Planet, It is based on the 2ft gauge light industrial locomotives manufactured by F.C. Hibbard and Co at their Park Royal works in London. The model features an all steel bonnet and full cab and incorporates the distinctive Planet radiator and makers plates.
    These engines were common in industrial service, both narrow and standard gauge, and were found at many naval dockyards.
    It is also fitted with spring suspension, full electronic control and a wealth of detail.

  • Two 12v batteries not included

  • Deep cycle marine batteries recommended


  • T775-01  Planet II, Electric