7 1/2" Gauge Forney 2-4-4, Live Steam

The Forney design was originally developed for use on the elevated railroads in New York and Chicago, it had a short wheel base to take the sharp curves with a truck under the tank to increase stability. The result was a very versatile locomotive design, and although soon replaced by electric traction on the elevated suburban lines it rapidly proved popular with other railroads.

In particular the narrow gauge 3ft lines on Plantations in the south and 2ft lines in Maine took to the Forney, improving it still further with the addition of an extra pony truck at the front. Our model is based on this final incarnation of the design.

The model is large enough for the driver to sit on the rear tank when driving. Special care has been taken to get the controls as close as possible to full size practice, the driving experience should be as good as the real thing! 

This is a large powerful locomotive and a pleasure to drive, invoking the atmosphere of a bygone era in narrow gauge short line railroading.


  • Gauge - 7 1/2" or 7 1/4"

  • Scale - 2.5" to Ft

  • Length - 69.68" (914mm)

  • Width - 17.12" (398mm)

  • Height - 25.98" (150mm)

  • Drive wheel - 5.91" (150mm) dia.

  • Coal fired

  • Copper boiler

  • Two cylinders

  • Lubricator

  • Axle water pump

  • Hand operated water pump


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  • Usually ships within 4 months