1:32 USRA Light/Heavy Mikado 2-8-2
Heavy MIkado GN 4
Heavy Mikado GN 2
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AST-103-2K D19
AST-103-2K D18
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AST-103-3K D8
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Aster Hobby and Accucraft Trains are proud to officially announce two new gauge one locomotive kits coming out this year. See end of this announcement for reservation instructions.


Coming this August 2018, we will be releasing an improved version of Aster’s USRA Light Mikado 2-8-2. The original Aster Light Mikado was produced in 1999 and was offered in a basic version with available upgrades. See the list of new features below that have been added to this new updated design. Production quantity will be limited to 60 units.


Directly following the Light Mikado, we will introduce the brand new Aster USRA Heavy Mikado 2-8-2, with delivery planned for November 2018. This model will share many of the same improved features as the Light Mikado but with the larger boiler casing, larger smoke box and cab of the Heavy Mikado. Production quantity limited to 160 units.

Specifications :

  • Light Mikado - Dimensions: 30.3 x 4.02 x 6.49 inch (770 x 102 x 164.8 mm)

  • Heavy Mikado - Dimensions: 30.5 x 4.13 x 6.49 inch (774 x 105 x 164.8 mm)

  • Minimum radius:  7 feet (2.0 meter)

  • Weight: 15.7 lbs (7.1 kg)

  • Two cylinders w/ D-slide valve

  • Walschaert's valve gear

  • Smoke tube boiler (400 CC at 70% full)

  • 60 psi working pressure

  • Wick tube alcohol burner (glass fiber wicks)

  • 200 CC alcohol tank in Tender

  • Hand pump water tank

New Features of the Aster Accucraft Light Mikado:

  • Cast-Iron Driver Wheels

  • Fully equalized chassis

  • Stainless steel machined driving rods

  • Axle pump with additional 20% capacity from previous option

  • Washout plug for the water gauge

  • Newly designed tender

  • Kingston valve in water tank

  • Increased water capacity (450cc)

  • Increased fuel capacity (300cc) 

  • Detachable fuel tank

  • Detachable roof

  • Many newly designed aesthetic details added around smokebox, front buffer, and boiler case.


   Light Mikado:

  • AST-103-0K  Undecorated, Black, Alcohol Fired, Kit

  • AST-103-0R  Undecorated, Black, Alcohol Fired, RTR

  • AST-103-1K  New York Central Railroad, Alcohol Fired, Kit

  • AST-103-1R  New York Central Railroad, Alcohol Fired, RTR

  • AST-103-2K  Union Pacific Railroad, Alcohol Fired, Kit
  • AST-103-2R  Union Pacific Railroad, Alcohol Fired, RTR
  • AST-103-3K  Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Alcohol Fired, Kit
  • AST-103-3R  Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, Alcohol Fired, RTR

   Heavy Mikado:

  • AST-105-1K  Undecorated, Black, Alcohol Fired, Kit

  • AST-105-1R  Undecorated, Black, Alcohol Fired, RTR
  • AST-105-2K  Erie Railroad, Alcohol Fired, Kit
  • AST-105-2R  Erie Railroad, Alcohol Fired, RTR
  • AST-105-3K  CB&Q Railroad (Burlington Route), Alcohol Fired, Kit
  • AST-105-3R  CB&Q Railroad (Burlington Route), Alcohol Fired, RTR
  • AST-105-4K  Milwaukee Road, Alcohol Fired, Kit
  • AST-105-4R  Milwaukee Road, Alcohol Fired, RTR
  • AST-105-5K  Southern Railway, Alcohol Fired, Kit
  • AST-105-5R  Southern Railway, Alcohol Fired, RTR
  • AST-105-6K  Great Northern, Alcohol Fired, Kit
  • AST-105-6R  Great Northern, Alcohol Fired, RTR


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Email us with your choice of rolling stock.

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