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AL94-104 Paint Scheme
AL94-104 D6
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Our choice of coaches to go with the C38 locomotive is the airconditioned ‘HUB’ set as used on the ‘Newcastle Express’, the 'Riverina Express', the 'South Coast Daylight Express', and the 'Central West Express'. These air conditioned passenger carriages were operated by the New South Wales Government Railways from April 1948 until April 2000. The 4 sets coded ‘HUB’ were numbered 116-119, The first set entered service in April 1948 on the Sydney to Newcastle service. The set of 7 cars were permanently coupled with the loco being turned at each destination and re-coupled to the opposite end for the return journey.

To make up the set we are modelling ‘FH’ Second Class Car #6 for the centre coaches and ‘HFH’ Second Class Brake Car #1 for the end coaches. All 7 cars will be fully decaled (car #, 'First', 'Second' and 'Buffet') and will be available separately.


  • 1:32 Scale / 45 mm Gauge

  • 24" Length (62 cm)

  • 8.2lbs, (3.7kg)


  • Metal wheels

  • Deep indian red and lined

  • First class cars #3,4,5 have green seats

  • Second class cars #1,2,6,7 have red seats

  • Etched brass body, Full profiled

  • Rivet detail

  • Glazed windows

  • Interior detail

  • Battery lighting

  • '2AN' metal bogies

  • Knuckle couplers


  • AL94-104S*   Full Hub Set, 7 Coaches (AP104S)

  • AL94-104C*   Centre Coach, car #2,3,4,5,6 (AP104C)

  • AL94-104E*   End Coach, car #1, 7 (AP104E)

*only ship to US billing address