3/4" Scale Allchin, Live Steam
T392-02 Allchin, Maroon, Butane Fire
Allchin Conversion Kits - Crane
Allchin Conversion Kits - Showmans
Allchin Conversion Kits Steam Roller

The prototype for this model is an agricultural traction engine built by Allchin in their well known "Globe" steam works, Northampton, England. This engine has typical Victorian characteristics of the period, with a short smokebox, straight back tender, smaller front wheels and "dumpy" looking boiler.

This sort of engine would be in general agricultural use, particularly working threshing machines and other equipment with a belt drive off the flywheel. There was a choice of power, this being the 7 nominal horse power version built in 1893.

Our model faithfully represents this classic design in 3/4" Scale, it is gas (propane/butane) fired, single cylinder with full working valve gear, displacement lubricator, working steering & a wealth of detail parts. Capable of pulling up to 12 stone on level ground!

2017 versions will boast a Steam Roller, Crane and Showman's conversions sets, all sets can be retro fitted to older 3/4" Allchin models, the Showman's has a full length canopy, belly tank, motion covers, and working dynamo. The Crane has a half length canopy and fully working Crane mechanism for total authenticity!


  • Scale 3/4" to the foot

  • Length: 12.4" (314mm)

  • Width: 5.5" (140mm)

  • Height: 8.4" (214mm) 

  • Weight: 7.7 lbs (3.5kg) (Dry)

  • Boiler: Copper silver solder

  • Single cylinder


  • T392-01 Allchin, Black, Butane Fired

  • T392-02 Allchin, Maroon, Butane Fired

  • T392-03 Allchin, Green, Butane Fired

  • T392-04* Allchin Conversion Kit - Crane

  • T392-05* Allchin Conversion Kit - Showmans

  • T392-06* Allchin Conversion Kit - Steam Roller

  • T392-07R Allchin, Black, w/ conversion kit, RTR

  • T392-08R Allchin, Maroon, w/ conversion kit, RTR

  • T392-09R Allchin, Green, w/ conversion kit, RTR

* Each kit requires an Allchin engine to install onto and some drilling/tappin​g of M2 holes, Drill bit and tap included. Photos may show additional lettering and details not included in the kit.