7/8ths Emma 0-4-0, Live Steam

Emma is a model of a Brooks industrial 0-4-0T. Brooks Locomotive Works, of Dunkirk, New York was an important supplier of locomotives to railroads and industry. In 1901, Brooks and several other locomotive builders merged to become the American Locomotive Company, or ALCO.

Operating Emma is similar to the operation of other small-scale steam locomotives. The engine should pull up to half a dozen standard-size 7/8"-scale freight cars on good, level track, which is about the same capacity as a full-size locomotive of this configuration. Grades and sharp curves will diminish its capability


  • B77-501  EMMA 0-4-0 Unlettered, Black, Live Steam (old sku: AC77-501)

  • B77-502  EMMA 0-4-0, Live Steam (old sku: AC77-502)


  • 7/8ths Scale / 45 mm Gauge

  • Brass & Stainless Steel Construction

  • 24 in. Mini. Radius

  • Length: 12.9 in. (326 mm)

  • Width: 5.4 in. (137 mm)

  • Height: 7 in. (180 mm)


  • Butane fired

  • Two cylinders

  • Safety valve

  • D-valve

  • Lubricator

  • Forward/Reverse control

  • Pressure gauge

  • Water level gauge

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